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Market Opportunity

LPR is estimated to affect more than 20% of the United States population.

N-Zyme Biomedical seeks to provide a much-needed treatment for the millions of people in the US and worldwide that suffer from LPR.

$26 Billion/Year Spent On PPIs For LPR
PPI Placebo-Controlled Trials Failed To Demonstrate Efficacy
No Medical Therapy Currently Available
Multiple Patent Applications Filed
FDA/IND Phase III Clinical Trial Approval Received
Institutional Review Board (IRB) Phase III Clinical Trial Approval Received
Regulatory Approvals & High-value IP

The disclosure provides a composition comprising of an inhaled and oral sustained-release formulation of an HIV protease inhibitor capable of inhibiting pepsin and a pharmaceutically acceptable carrier.

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excellence in leadership

Founded by Franco Vigile, an enterpreneur, and Nikki Johnston, Ph.D., who dedicated her career to LPR research.

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